Summer Camp Stuffed with Success

July 26th, 2019

The week of summer camp spent at camp Workcoeman turned out eventful and unforgettable. Here are some quick notes on events that took place: – We earned Class “A” Troop again, with 2 days of 100% on campsite inspections – Fin and Loic (brave first-year) gallantly rowed our boat (which instantly turned into a submarine) in the ducktape and cardboard ship race – A wave of sickness swept and rattled our ranks (affecting 6 people), although full recoverys were made by many scouts – The ironman was completed by scouts such as Fin Hickey and Tyler Caron and scouter Mr. Houseman (Who boldly did it 4 times in one week!) – Our troop’s skit was a parody of the legendary “scoop it up, shovel it up, pile it to the sky” skit, and got the crowd roaring with laughter – SPL Nate Rearick was awarded “Camper of the Year” award partly stemming from his persistent leadership qualities – Rank Advancements were made and Fin Hickey acheived Second Class while Tyler Caron earned Life – Our troop took part in a two hour conservation project to benefit the camp’s trails by spreading mulch – Scouts Liam, Nate and Evan were awarded with the sixth year veteran camper award, succesfully taking part in their final year of summer camp as a scout – Our troop won the corn shucking competition, even managing to beat the staff team! – The “Burnt French Toast” Patrol won numerous patrol challenges for our troop adding to our teeming collection of shiny ribbons